It’s Our Birthday, and We’ll Brag if We Want to (We’re in Sephora Now)

It’s Our Birthday, and We’ll Brag if We Want to (We’re in Sephora Now)

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Mind if we talk about ourselves for a moment? It’s our first birthday and we have so much to share from the last year!

If you’re new here and wondering what Mane is—allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re the younger sister of Mane Addicts; a hair care brand that’s sustainable, attainable, and effective. Our dating profile would read: we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like to have fun. We simplify hair care regimens. And we aim to disrupt the beauty industry (very Aquarius of us, we know). 

So how did we get here? Back in 2014, Jen Atkin had the idea of starting a hair tools line. Her years of styling experience served as great research for what people desired in their hair care products, and thus we were born! She says it best, “After 14-plus years of styling and 2,567,837 convos—we hear you loud and clear. Expertly designed, affordable, and effective tools from a brand that values its community are non-negotiable. Now, we’re here to put the ‘care’ in hair care...and get you out the door faster. There’s power in these tools. Meet Mane.” 

But instead of telling you, how about we show you?

The Mane Timeline

We Moved In

Headquartered in Los Angeles, we wanted to have a fun and inspiring space for team members to come together and collaborate. And lucky us, we found an incredible office space across the street from our sister, Ouai!


One Thing About Us, We’re Gonna Make it Cute

We’re not a regular office, we’re a cool one. If we’re gonna be in an office, we’re gonna make it look cute—so we brought in NowHaus Studio to give us the space of our dreams. Barbie-lined walls, kombucha on tap, pink sofas, light-up mirrors, two studios, and four meeting rooms later—we nailed it.


We Launched Our First Tool

The Triple Ripple Jumbo Hair Waver, ever heard of it? We launched with the Jumbo Hair Waver because it was the perfect embodiment of Mane. It’s a call back to those crimpers and wavers from the early aughts; it’s fun. It’s kitsch. And serves major cool hair in literal minutes. And while yes, we sold out—a new and improved version will be back soon!


People. Planet. Paws.

There are three pillars that hold up Mane—People. Planet. Paws. “I wanted Mane to have a strong foundation—like a mission statement, but so much more. So we came up with our brand promises/pillars: People, Planet, and Paws,” shared Atkin. “And to ensure we keep our promises, we partnered up with some amazing organizations—they’re all so special to me.” 

Through our partnership with Pact, a nonprofit focused on systemic change to reduce beauty and wellness packaging waste, we created the first-of-its-kind hair tool recycling program. Pact will sanitize unused tools and send to Project Glimmer, an organization dedicated to ending gender and racial inequality for women and girls, for new life. All tools that are no longer in working condition are diverted from landfills and recycled/upcycled—pretty cool, huh?

Additionally, we’re big—no, huge animal lovers here at Mane. We’re trying to not make it our whole personality, but from philanthropy to the products we create, we are dedicated to animal welfare and rescue. So naturally, we had to partner with our friends at Wags & Walks. The hope is to save every animal on the planet—shouldn’t be too difficult.


A Partnership Dream Come True

This is where we get to really brag. We landed the mother of all partnerships—Sephora *squeals* ! We will be available online and in all stores across North America and Canada, beginning February 19th. To say we’re proud of ourselves, would be an understatement. We worked really, really hard to bring you an incredible and accessible brand and we can’t wait for you to experience it. “To launch in Sephora our first year is just insane. But that speaks to the brand, our products, and our amazing team,” Atkin gleamed. “The Mane team took an idea I’ve had since 2014 and made it even better than I could have imagined. It’s a brand with personality. With integrity. And built with so much love and I truly feel like that shines through.”


The Future of Mane

So what’s next? Well after we’re done celebrating, we may or may not have a new product launching in March. It’s something many have asked for and because we’re really good listeners, we made it. The team is over-the-moon about this launch as it may or may not give you supermodel hair; that’s all we can say! Keep an eye on our socials for easter eggs and hints, and join our focus group for early access.


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