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Repurpose my tool

Love more, waste less

Did you know that 8 billion tons of plastic waste ends up in our ocean every year? Ick.

Through our partnership with Pact Collective—a nonprofit focused on driving towards systemic change to reduce beauty and wellness packaging waste—you can ship off any hard-to-recycle, unusable hot tools so they can be processed properly and diverted from landfills.

That's so hot

If you’ve got a tool you no longer use (but is still in good working condition!), Pact will sanitize the tool and send to Project Glimmer, an organization dedicated to helping end gender and racial inequality for women and girls (86 percent of whom are women of color). Through its Gifts + Goods program, Project Glimmer provides meaningful gifts and essential goods to thousands of young women every year.

All tools no longer in working condition will be processed properly and recycled whenever possible.

Don't be a tool, donate one instead

Step 1: Determine tool's condition
Does your tool still work? Select DONATE to refurbish your tool through Project Glimmer.Tool no longer working? Select RECYCLE and we’ll process your tool accordingly.
Step 2: Fill it out
Enter your info in the form below to request a prepaid shipping label and print it out. (Hot tip: a new window will pop-up, so turn off your ad blocker.)
Step 3: Pack it up
Place your gently-used or old hot tool in a shipping box. Bonus points if it’s a used box!
Step 4: Mail it off
Apply your prepaid label to your box and drop it in the mail—we’ll take it from here.

Please note: Shipping boxes should be 15x12.5x6 inches or smaller. Only one tool will be accepted per label. Please make sure your tool doesn’t have a lithium battery.

Accepted items for the collection program are beauty hot tools, such as: any brand hair dryers, curling irons/wands, flat irons, etc. Only hot tools are accepted through this mail-back collection program. Customers cannot mail back beauty empties through this program and must use Pact’s beauty packaging mail-back collection program (click here) to properly dispose of beauty empties. Customers can only discard hot tools through this mail-back program and cannot drop off beauty hot tools at Pact’s In-Store Collection Bins, or through any other mail-back programs Pact offers. By submitting your data on this form, you acknowledge that Pact Collective and Mane will use the information provided in accordance with their terms of use and privacy policies.