Pro-Approved Hair Storage Hacks That Are Too Easy to Ignore

Written by Emilie Branch

Our hair collection is a work in progress. We’re always on the hunt for the next game-changing hot tool, from a curling iron that does the work for us (hi, Beachwaver) to a minimal heat ionic hair dryer (like the Dyson). Hair accessories, such as hair ties, hair bands, and bobby pins, are also a big part of our collection. However, our space doesn’t always align with our collecting habits. As editors, our homes are overflowing with hair products and hair tools. Organizing hair tools has been a constant struggle, as we like to see everything but have no idea where it should go. You can imagine the results—there have been moments where all space is occupied. That’s right, we’ve kept hair products in the fridge, and kitchen cabinets, and hair tools have been stashed under the bed or taken up entire dressers.

Mane by Mane Addicts hair tools spread out on a pink background | Mane Addicts

For anyone who can relate, we’re helping jumpstart your storage ideas because there’s never a time when it doesn’t feel great to spring clean. We checked in with hair expert and celebrity stylist based in New York City (a city notorious for small living quarters), Josué Perez, for his organizing ideas and storage solutions on the go and at home (if you travel a lot, be sure to explore on how to organize your hair kit). We also scoured the interwebs so you don’t have to, and found some of the cutest ways to hide, store, and contain your ever-blossoming hair wardrobe. As maximalists, we deeply feel that you shouldn’t have to compromise what you want because of so-called spatial constraints. Let’s get into it.

About the Expert:

Josué Perez is a New York City-based celebrity hairstylist whose clients include Sarah Jessica Parker, Awkwfina, and America Ferrara.

How to Organize Hair Tools

Metal Pots

“Storing hair tools in metal planting pots is great,” notes Perez. “You can dedicate one for hot tools and the other for combs, brushes, and clips. It’s an easy storage solution even when a tool is hot,” he adds of the pragmatic approach.

Shoe Organizer

Another one of Perez’s go-tos? “A shoe organizer that hangs on the wall is a great way to store and keep things tightly,” he notes.

Towel Wrapped

When on the go, Perez wraps curling irons with bathroom towels, “to protect them.” This tip does double-duty as he will also “store them after when they are hot” in the same way.

Wool Socks

Likewise, there’s nothing like old wool socks as a storage trick. These socks “prevent scratching the metal barrel or flatiron,” which he says is key. This is because “scratches on metal surfaces can cause pulling and grabbing of the hair, as it becomes uneven or not smooth anymore.” So, you can save your hot tools and repurpose your tired socks. You can also try a hair tool organizer that can easily fit in your bathroom cabinet or be taken on the go when you’re traveling.

DIY Painted Pipe

You can make your own hair styling tool holder affordably using a PVC pipe. All it takes is some creativity and a Y-connector pipe to hold your hot tools. You can paint/decorate it however it suits you—PVC is easy to work with and is perfect to enhance an industrial/loft vibe.

Inside the Bathroom Cabinet

Hide your hot tools and keep them within reach by attaching command hooks to the inside of your cabinet doors. We love to keep ours under the bathroom sink but anywhere is fine.

Suspended Filing Cabinet

You can attach a metal filing cabinet to the wall or on the side of your vanity/getting-ready area. This will protect your tools as it is flame-retardant. This adds storage space, reduces clutter, and is aesthetic.

Box It Up

A wooden box can be placed on the back of a toilet or any free surface, giving you more counter space and a place to stash your tools. If you’re feeling HGTV, you can even DIY using cut wood, molding, glue, sandpaper, paint, and primer.

Baskets Galore

Baskets are a lovely rustic accent and an ingenuous way to keep your hot tools hidden in plain sight. Mix and match by size and color to complement your decor and really add to the room while serving a higher purpose. This is our go-to hack, especially because it takes so little to transform any space.

Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Don’t just utilize your drawer space, maximize them. Drawer organizers and dividers can help declutter and bring organization to an otherwise chaotic area.

Clear Containers

When you want to see what you’re working with but not have it strewn about everywhere, clear containers are the answer. You can stash anything in here, but we recommend a system, like one container box for flat irons, diffusers/dryer attachments, curlers (like your wand and hair waver), and blow dryers.

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