Heat Up Your Hair, Not the Landfill: Mane and Pact's Recycling Revolution

Heat Up Your Hair, Not the Landfill: Mane and Pact's Recycling Revolution

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Beauty and brains? Yeah, we’ve got that. Aesthetically driven and sustainably minded—we’re committed to making the beauty industry a more sustainable place than when we entered it. Mane has three pillars that make up the foundation of our little brand: People, Planet, and Paws. To ensure we make the desired impact, we’ve partnered with some pretty incredible organizations.

“I wanted Mane to have a strong foundation—like a mission statement, but so much more. So we came up with our brand promises/pillars: People, Planet, and Paws,” shared Mane founder Jen Atkin. So, in honor of Earth Month, let’s discuss our Planet pillar and the fantastic non-profit organizations we work with.

Styling Our Way to a Better Planet

It’s important to us that we’re not just another beauty brand, supplying customers with just another product that isn’t adding value to their lives. We not only want to be part of your hair care routine, but your lifestyle as well. And if we’re going to be adding more products into the world, we want to make sure we’re not adding more waste as well. “I knew this hair care brand needed to be sustainable, affordable, and effective—and Mane is all three,” Atkin shared. 

We want to ensure consumers feel good about their purchases and are empowered with the resources they need to consume responsibly—making sustainability a joint effort. Though all Mane items are packaged in pulp trays made from 100 percent recycled materials, we knew this was only a fraction of how sustainable we could be. So we sought out Pact and Project Glimmer to create a recycling program for old and unused hot tools!

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The 411 on Pact Collective

We may be biased, but we chose the best partner to help us in our mission. Pact Collective is a nonprofit collective that helps unite the beauty industry in taking responsibility for packaging waste and working together for more circular solutions. 
Pact prides itself on offering a transparent solution to close the loop on hard-to-recycle packaging, especially within the beauty industry. Through Pact’s collection program findings, they’ve become a thought leader in the industry in designing more sustainable packaging and reducing waste.

94% of Americans support recycling, but only 35 percent actually recycle due to confusion and a lack of convenient options. Through our partnership with Pact, we created the first-of-its-kind hair tool recycling program. Pact will sanitize unused tools and send them to Project Glimmer, an organization dedicated to ending gender and racial inequality for women and girls, for new life. All tools no longer in working condition are diverted from landfills and recycled/upcycled—pretty cool, huh?

Project Glimmer Is That Girl

Project Glimmer’s mission is completely aligned with our own. They’re focused on empowering and building self-confidence in adolescent girls. Understanding that confidence is fostered and nurtured, they have created a community for young girls to connect with peers and mentors—connecting them to a highly operational ecosystem of corporations, philanthropists, and volunteers donating their products, resources, time, and talent. 

Project Glimmer was once a holiday gift drive for teenage girls, but it grew to a network of 2,000 community partners, reaching more than one million girls in all 50 states. We are so proud to be one of those partners. Through our partnership with Pact and Project Glimmer, we’re not only making sustainability easier and more accessible, but we’re fostering a community of future leaders.

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 Love More, Waste Less

Did you know that 8 billion tons of plastic waste ends up in our ocean every year? Ick. Through our partnership with Pact Collective, you can ship off any hard-to-recycle or unusable hot tools so they can be processed properly and diverted from landfills.

It’s easy to get started! Clean out those old hot tools that most likely haven’t seen the light of day in years, and we’ll send you a shipping label. Toss your ‘em in a box and send our way. This one act is so simple and makes a huge difference.

It takes a village, and we’d love for you to join ours! Let’s take care of this planet together.

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