Here’s How to Wear a Headband With Short Hair

Written by Ashley Mishler

Do you have short hair? Do you find yourself in front of the mirror, desperate to dress up your mane, but unsure of how to style or elevate it for an event or night out? Don’t fret! We have the solution and believe it or not, it’s headbands. With headbands taking the hair accessories world by storm in 2023, it’s important to note that short manes can rock the trending hair accessory, too. Ready to try it? Here are 10 of our fave headband hairstyles for short hair.

Headband Hairstyles for Short Hair

Go Bold

First up for how to wear a headband with short hair is to go bold with a bright colorful or floral headband, for example. Short hair looks phenomenal with bold, eye-catching contrast. This bright yellow headband makes the wearer's hair texture stand out, drawing more attention to the look.

Pick Patterns

Another way to make your hair length and texture stand out is with patterns. The forms in the blue polka dot headband pair perfectly with wavy, curly, and wild coils.

Y2K Style

With hair trends making their way back, we're especially excited about the Y2K headband hairstyle. This updo is perfect for those with chin-length hair. For an extra bit of flair and definition, try adding a zig-zag headband.

The Bigger the Better

Statement headbands are the new statement hat, especially when you want to style short hair that's already making a statement of its own. This ornate floral crown is a great way to catch attention (and coordinate with the rest of your outfit).

Lobs and Headbands

Wondering how to style a headband with medium-length hair? Mid-length bobs and lobs look adorable with the addition of a knotted headband for that extra sweet look.

Bobs and Headbands

Bobs and headbands also look fantastic together. In fact, the ornate and embellished headband style is the perfect solution for short manes looking to dress up their hair for a formal occasion or event.

Braid Band

Who said your headband hairstyle required a band? If your hair is long enough on top, try your hand at a braid band. If your mane is too short on top, you can buy pre-braided hair headbands to help recreate this look at home.

Tie the Knot

Big, knotted headbands are all the rage and look good on any hair length. This lob in particular looks so cute with a knotted headband.

Short and Skinny

Trying to style a pixie haircut?  Super short pixie cuts and crops will find that an uber-skinny headband can add just enough flair to an otherwise everyday hairstyle. Bonus points if the thin headband has a long tail, ribbon, or braid hanging from the back or side.

Go Vintage

For a vintage vibe, try backcombing and pinning the back of your hair while adding an ornate or rhinestone headband at the front. You’ll be serving major old Hollywood star vibes that enhance the look of your short haircut.

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