Here’s How to Style Curtain Bangs With a Flat Iron

Written by Dahvi Shira

We’re all for multifunctionality. So if we can use our flat iron to straighten our strands and curl our curtain bangs, sign us up! Flat irons have grown to become one of the most versatile tools in our kit, so don’t be afraid to experiment. But if you’ve never learned how to style curtain bangs with a flat iron, we understand why you may be hesitant to try. Regardless of your hair type, be it curly hair, straight hair, thin hair, or thick hair, the process for styling curtain bangs remains quite similar. Before following our universal step-by-step guide, there are a few things to note. “The approach really depends on how you want to style the curtain bangs,” says Jon Carlos De La Cruz, Cosmo Prof's color, cut, and style transformations expert. “Do you want them straight, voluminous, textured, or with a slight bend? You can do a lot with them. Whether you're aiming for a curly curtain bang or straight bangs, whatever you do, though, always go over each section with a flat iron only once.”

About the Experts:

Jon Carlos De La Cruz is Cosmo Prof's color, cut, and style transformations expert.

Presley Poe is a professional hairstylist and Cosmo Prof color expert.

De La Cruz also recommends using the CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray throughout the process (we recommend always including heat protection in your hair care routine), and Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray 55% for a light hold. “Even though Shaper Plus promotes extra hold, I find it to be very light and perfect,” the pro says. Hairspray often adds that much-needed volume to the curtain bangs. And don’t forget the expert’s tool of choice—the Olivia Garden Titanium+Ion Flat Iron.

Now that we’ve got that squared away, keep reading for hairstylist Presley Poe’s universal tips on how to style curtain bangs with a flat iron (her personal preference is the BaByissPRO Nano Titanium Flat Iron). Whether you're going for Alexa Chung-inspired long curtain bangs or Camila Cabello-style short curtain bangs, these tips can make all the difference.

White person styling their curtain bangs with a flat iron | Mane Addicts

How to Style Curtain Bangs With a Flat Iron

Start With a Blow-Dry

To begin, Poe says to grab your favorite hair dryer and “blow-dry hair as desired using a paddle brush on the curtain fringes, sweeping from side to side following the shape of the head.” Depending on your face shape, whether it's a round face or otherwise, this direction may vary. A ceramic round brush is another great option for this step that can help you achieve volume.

Get on the Path

Before you style, you should figure out which direction you want your curtain bangs to go. “Find the path you’d like to have and separate the hair,” says Poe.

Over-Direct It

“Hold hair flat with two fingers and over-direct it towards the opposite side,” mentions Poe.

Create a C-Shape Bend

There are a number of ways to style curtain bangs with a straightener flat iron, but Poe has a particular method she prefers. “I use a low setting, and instead of creating a bubble-like finish by using a curling method from top to bottom, I prefer to hold the hair in a C-shape and flat iron horizontally,” she notes.

Keep It Going

“Tap over the shape all the way down keeping the C-shape in the iron,” says Poe of the continued process.

Do It All Again

Now that you’ve done it on one side, it’s time to do it all over again on the other side, this helps ensure that you get the same style and shape on both sides. You can also use your straightener to style the rest of your hair, whether you're aiming for straight hair or curly hair. Check out our guide on how to curl short hair with a flat iron for all the details.

Unsure which flat iron is your best bet? HERE’s our expert list of the best flat iron for your hair type.