Clever Ways to Hide Your Bangs If You're Tired of Them

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Everyone has a love-hate relationship with their bangs. They’re fun and exciting in the beginning, but annoying and boring after a while. Sometimes they don’t turn out as you had hoped, leaving you frantically searching for how to hide bangs you regret.

Whether you’re growing out your bangs or wishing you never got ’em, we know how to hide them. Scroll below for some cute and clever ways to easily conceal your bangs!

Use an Accessory

This may seem fairly obvious, but the easiest way to hide your bangs is by covering them up with an accessory. You can use a hat or headband to pull your bangs back and ensure they aren’t in the spotlight. It really is that easy.

Pin Them Back

Don’t want to don a hat or headband? Pin them back with some chic bobby pins or clips. Get creative!

Try a Flipped Over Hairstyle

Keep your bangs at bay by opting for a sort of flipped over look. You’ll want to start with a deep side part, swoop that hair to one side, then use hairspray to secure your bangs. This hairstyle even makes thin hair look thicker, which is an added bonus.

Utilize Your Middle Part

No matter the length of your bangs, any middle part style will get them off your face. Part your bangs with the rest of your hair and sleek your strands with product. This will ensure your bangs stay back and don’t make an unexpected appearance.

Braid Your Bangs

There are a number of ways to incorporate your bangs into brands. You can go with the classic French braid or a quick side braid. Certain braids work best for particular bang lengths. Deciding which one to try will ultimately come down to your preference, but know the possibilities are endless.

Opt for the Wet Look

We know this style isn’t for everyone, though it’s a great way to slick back your bangs. The wet look is less of an everyday look and more for special occasions, though you could wear it as often as you like.

Create a Top Knot

The top knot is perfect for days when you can’t be bothered to do your hair. Tossing it up in a top knot looks a bit more put together and stylish than a messy bun. Plus, it can easily hide your bangs. Depending on the length of your bangs, they should be easy to pull back into a top knot. If not, utilize bobby pins and some hairspray to help.