Supermodel Hair Just Got a Lot Easier to Recreate—Nail the Perfect ‘90s Blowout with One Tool

Supermodel Hair Just Got a Lot Easier to Recreate—Nail the Perfect ‘90s Blowout with One Tool

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Trends come and go, but style lasts forever. Perhaps one of the most notable examples is the iconic ‘90s blowout, with its fluffy volume, reflective shine, and locks so smooth they feel like butta. While it never really went away, the ‘90s blowout look is having a major resurgence in popularity. 

With 132.9 million views (and counting) on TikTok and celebrities like Beyoncé adopting the trend, there’s no better time to get into the bouncy details of what makes the perfect ‘90s blowout. We tapped Beyoncé’s stylist, Nakia Collins, and Syrenthia Quinones, Mane’s Senior Manager of Sales and Education, to give us expert tips on nailing the popular style.

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The ‘90s Blowout, Explained

The blowout solidified itself as a mainstay when it graced the heads of nearly every supermodel and celebrity in the '90s, making it both a glam style and an everyday hair trend. Think Cindy Crawford in that Pepsi commercial, Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, and Claudia Schiffer in everything—the bounce, the movement, and the volume had us all in a trance. 

“I think this hairstyle is universally a healthy hair sign and ultimate confidence booster that goes without words,” Nakia Collins, celebrity hairstylist, pointed out as the reason as to why the style has remained so popular. But not every blowout is a ‘90s blowout—there are some key characteristics to note when recreating this look and volume is the main one. “The higher the hair we all know, the closer we are to God,” Nakia Collins jokes. “No, seriously, our hair is an antenna basically, so let’s get it moving!” This was Collins' motto when helping craft Beyoncé’s iconic hair for Cowboy Carter.

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How to Get a ‘90s Blowout

No soda cans needed! You can create a ‘90s blowout without the arduous steps used in the ‘90s. Yes, a hair dryer, a round brush, a curling iron, and some Velcro rollers have long been the staples of the perfect blowout. But who has the time for allathat? It’s why we created It’s Giving Body Hot Round Brush; a heated brush that delivers a frizz-free, shiny, voluminous blowout with ease. 

Prep Your Hair 

Start with completely blow-dried or air-dried hair. Apply a heat protectant all over to shield your hair from heat damage. “Gently comb through your hair to remove any tangles. This ensures a smooth blowout process,” Quinones recommends. Collins also recommends adding a little gel or mousse before blowing out. “You will thank me later. This blowout will last you all week!” 

Section Your Hair

Divide your hair into manageable sections. “Start by clipping the upper layers on top of your head and beginning with the lower layers. This makes it easier to focus on one section at a time.” 

Start at the Bottom

Take a section of hair and place the brush underneath, close to the roots. “Remember to use smaller sections on thicker hair and pin up until the hair is cooled off and ready to go,” Collins adds. 

Roll and Hold

“With the brush under your hair, roll it upwards to lift the roots and add volume,” Quinones shares. She also recommends holding the brush in place for a few seconds to shape the hair and set the volume. “You can also flip your head upside down while blow-drying to add extra volume at the roots before styling with the hot round brush.” 

Pull and Slide

Gently pull the brush down towards the ends of your hair while rotating it. “This motion helps create that smooth, rounded '90s blowout look,” says Quinones.

Release and Cool

“Gently unwind the brush from your hair and let the section cool. This helps set the style,” says Quinones. Continue with the next section of hair, working your way up until all sections are styled. Quinones also recommends hitting your hair in “cool shot” mode on your blow dryer. “After styling each section, roll the hair up and secure it with a pin until it cools completely. Then, use the cool shot button on your hair dryer to set the style and enhance volume.” 

Final Touches

Once all sections are done, you can go over any areas that need more volume or smoothing. Spray your fave hairspray for a longer hold. Remember to use smaller sections on thicker hair and pin up until you are cooled off and ready to go.

Pick The Right Hot Round Brush 

Hair Length

When choosing the right brush size for you, Quinones recommends taking your hair length into consideration. “For short hair, a smaller brush works best to create lift and curl at the roots.” For medium to long hair, a wider/larger brush is ideal. “A larger brush is ideal for creating smoother styles and waves with more volume, especially for that '90s blowout look,” Quinones recommends. 

Hair Types

Hair type is another essential component to note when choosing the right tool for your blowout. 

Fine Hair
Quinones recommends first prepping with a volume spray. “Spritz volumizing spray before to add extra body and tease the hair at the root to lock in the height and volume.”

Thick Hair
Those with thicker hair should always divide their hair into smaller sections to make styling more manageable. 

Curly Hair & Coils 
Quinones recommends using the It’s Giving Body Hot Round Brush to smooth and stretch the curls by brushing both the top and underneath of each hair section before styling. 

Wavy Hair
Focus on volume! “Consider drying the roots with a blow dryer fitted with a diffuser attachment, or allow the hair to air-dry completely to preserve its natural volume before styling with the hot round brush,” Quinones recommends. Collins also adds that the right hair products help the longevity of any blowout. “A great blowout cream and heat protector is key for the perfect blowout.”

‘90s Blowout Inspo

 Looking for some ‘90s blowout hairspiration? Here’s some of our fave looks!

(Image Source: Getty Images / Sean Zanni)

(Image Source: Getty Images / Ron Galella, Ltd.)

(Image Source: Getty Images / Ron Galella, Ltd.)

(Image Source: Getty Images / Michel Arnaud)


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