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Your At-Home Blowout Game Will Be Changed for Good With Our Hot Round Brushes

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The ‘90s blowout saw a modern resurgence in 2021 and its popularity has only skyrocketed from then on. Celebrities, influencers, and even your moms are rocking the voluminous hairstyle. And while blowouts have always been popular, they haven’t always been the easiest to replicate at home. Using a blow dryer, round brush, and curling iron to achieve the quintessential bounce of the blowout is, well, a lot—even for the pros….until now! Allow us to introduce you to the It’s Giving Body Hot Round Brush (*hold for applause*). Available in two sizes, this hot thermal brush works as a curling iron and round brush all in one to deliver body for daysss. Who said you had to go to the gym hair salon to get your dream bod?

Scroll below to learn more about the hot round brush, including the difference between the two sizes (because size does matter) and how to use them, along with some info on two other product drops we’re thrilled to share with you.

Mane's It's Giving Body Hot Round Brushes floating on a blue background

It’s Giving Body Large Hot Round Brush 1.77" (45MM)

$98 at

Person using the It’s Giving Body Large Hot Round Brush 1.77" (45MM) in a strand of dark brown hair

The It’s Giving Body Large Hot Round Brush features a 45MM barrel to deliver volume so big, you might need to wear earplugs. Again, this heated brush takes the place of a round brush and curling iron or wand, working double duty to create a style that is shiny and frizz-free. You can thank the nano-coated ceramic barrel and negative ion generator for those benefits.

As far as temps go, it heats up to 355°F (a temp that works for almost all hair types) in as soon as 40 to 50 seconds. You’ll hear a double beep after you’ve turned the hot round brush on to let you know it has reached this optimal temp. Thanks to a dual heating element, the temperature is evenly distributed throughout the barrel to ensure no strand is left behind.

The key to getting a style that lasts? Using the brush on dry hair—no damp or dry locks allowed. Oh, and don’t forget the heat protectant before taking this tool to your strands.

It’s Giving Body Medium Hot Round Brush 1.5" (38MM)

$98 at

Person using the It’s Giving Body Medium Hot Round Brush 1.5" (38MM) in light brown hair

The 38MM version of this hot round brush features an extended barrel length, which makes it ideal for most hair lengths and types. It can style longer hair faster while also easily bringing bounce to shorter lengths. So whether you’re looking for salon-level volume, perfectly styled fringe, or some loose waves and curls, this is the size for you.

This brush also heats up to an ideal-for-all-hair-types 355°F and has even heat distribution because of the dual heating element on the nano-coated ceramic barrel. And yes, you will still end up with hair that shines sans frizz thanks to the negative ion generator.

To really let this brush work its magic, be sure to detangle your hair beforehand. While it does feature anti-tangle bristles, brushing through your strands to rid them of any knots will aid in preventing any unnecessary damage.

Ready or Knot Mini Detangling Hair Brush

$15 at

Person using the Ready or Knot Mini Detangling Hair Brush in dark brunette hair

Honey, we shrunk our award-winning Ready or Knot Detangling Hair Brush. We made a mini version of the internet’s favorite brush so you can take it with you literally anywhere you’d like. Made of the same durable birch wood and metal bristles, you’ll receive a nice lil’ scalp massage as you gently detangle your strands. It can even be used on wet hair without fear of damaging your delicate locks.

Smile! Mini Hair Clips

$12 at

Person with Smile! Mini Hair Clips in curly red hair updo

The easiest way to put a smile on, these mini hair clips are the perfect accessory for clipping back fringe or adding a pop of color to any hairstyle. They were just made for the spring and summer months, don’t you think? Clip ‘em in and bask in the glow of continuous compliments.

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