The Best Wigs for Beginners, According to an Expert

Written by Emilie Branch

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Wigs can be tricky. There are all different kinds, from lace front to wigs attached to a headband. To make sense of it all, we reached out to Brittany Johnson, licensed stylist and Senior Content Manager for Mayvenn who broke down the back of the beauty shop. Here’s our guide to the best wigs for beginners!

What to Look for in a Wig

So, what are the best wigs for beginners? According to Brittany, you want hair to be easy to apply when you’re first dipping your toe in the wig pond. “Headband wigs are notoriously perfect options for novice wig wearers. They don’t require any expertise to put on and come in a variety of styles, headband options, and textures. Ready to Wear wigs are also a great choice for beginners. They usually have little to no lace and come in pre-cut styles that make wearing them super simple.”

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Just as important to what to do, is what not to do. “When wearing a wig, make sure that your natural hair is completely dry before installing or applying it. Try a beginner-friendly unit first, so that you can play around with your favorite styling and application methods. Avoid the overuse of heavy styling products and oils on your wig. Remember that even if it is crafted with human hair, your wig doesn’t typically need as much product as your natural hair to stay styled without being weighed down. If you’re wearing a wig that has a lace hairline, start by removing a little lace at a time—you don’t want to overcut your lace and can always remove more later,” Brittany explains.

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Making Wigs Look Real

The main thing about a wig is that you want it to look like real hair. Rocking a stiff wig is never flattering. “Making human hair wigs appear natural is a lot easier than with synthetic units. If you’re not sure about how to customize your wig, enlist the help of a stylist who can help with customizations like cutting or tinting your lace, bleaching your knots, etc. If you’re working with a wig that doesn’t have a lot of lace, pay attention to your part as well. You may need to pluck your wig’s part so that it looks more natural or apply a bit of makeup on the part line to create an even better blend with your scalp,” she says.

Products and Steps

The products you use depend mostly on the application method you’re using and the hair texture of the wig. “For straight to slightly wavy styles, use light leave-in sprays and a heat protectant when necessary. For wavier and curly styles, use light creams that have a bit of hold to keep curls moisturized,” Brittany advises.

“Some popular products for actually applying wigs include gels that act as adhesives, such as Got2B Glued Spray. Always keep a rattail comb handy, this can be used to create and set your part or to help lay your lace around your hairline. There are other adhesives and even lace tapes that can be used to secure your wig, but it’s recommended to use a stylist for those methods if you’re not well-versed in laying your own lace at home.”

Wigs and Weaves to Try

Mayvenn has a ton of quality-guaranteed wigs and hair extensions for all levels of expertise. “Our Headband wigs and Ready to Wear wigs are great for beginners, while our Lace Closure wigs come in both standard and HD lace for taking it up a notch. Our Lace Front and 360 Lace wigs can be used to create a variety of looks. For a more temporary option, try our Clip-In extensions,” Brittany suggests.

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And wigs don’t mean ignoring your hair. Wigs are a protective style, you’re keeping your hair safe while you experiment to your heart’s content with a wig. “There’s a misconception that’s still being dispelled that wearing wigs or extensions means you don’t appreciate your natural hair. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Many people love to use these methods as a way to rock a protective style and switch up their length, color, or cut without affecting their natural hair. There are so many different wig and extensions types out there, there’s truly something for everyone,” Brittany adds.

(Photo courtesy of Mayvenn)

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