Here's Why You Should NEVER Apply Conditioner to Your Roots

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There are a number of haircare rules we were taught to follow that actually aren’t all that great for our tresses. One of them being applying conditioner to the roots.

Though it’s not the biggest hair sin by any means, it can cause a major inconvenience on the journey to achieving our healthiest hair possible.

We chatted with Kalin Spooner, hair doctor and founder of KS Hair Artistry, to discover why you should never apply conditioner to your roots. Keep scrolling to read all the details Kalin shared with us!

Why should you never apply conditioner to your roots?

Applying conditioner to your roots is actually a bigger no-no than you’ve been lead to believe. It may seem critical to keeping your strands pristine, but that’s not really the case. Lathering it on your scalp too often and too much can lead to greasy strands and lifeless locks. And that’s not something anyone wants.

Kalin points out, “You should apply conditioner from mid-strands to ends. This helps to avoid any buildup and/or excess sebum (oil) production. A healthy scalp naturally has a layer of sebum, so the hair closest to the scalp is the first place oil appears.”

What does applying conditioner to your roots do?

Having conditioner on your roots isn’t the end of the world, necessarily. Your strands won’t sporadically start falling out or anything like that, but it can do a number on your hair’s volume.

“Applying conditioner to the roots near the scalp doesn’t necessarily cause damage, but it can cause the hair to be flat and/or limp,” Kalin shares.

So if you’re hoping to achieve voluminous locks, avoid putting conditioner on your scalp at all costs.

“It can also cause buildup in the hair follicle if the hair is not properly cleansed (with shampoo),” Kalin mentions.

Product buildup is not the worst thing, but it can impede growing healthy hair. And isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day?

How can you undo what is caused by applying it to your roots?

Now that you know what not to do, how can you undo what has already been done? It’s actually quite simple.

“The only thing that removes buildup is shampooing the hair,” Kalin says. “It is recommended to shampoo one to three times a week, depending on your hair texture.”

But what if you find yourself needing to apply conditioner to your roots for some reason? What should you do then?

“If you feel the need to apply conditioner to the root, use a liquid leave-on conditioning spray,” Kalin states. “They are water based and less likely to cause buildup in the hair.”

Considering many of us likely use a cream-based conditioner, Kalin has some advice on how to protect your strands when using the product.

“When using a cream rinse-out conditioner, apply from mid shaft to ends and brush the conditioner through the hair before rinsing.”

This ensures every single strand gets the perfect amount of conditioner. Happy conditioning!

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