Are You Doing That Right? Here’s How to Use Hair Sectioning Clips

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Using the proper hair products to achieve the style of your dreams is only half the battle. The tools used behind the chair, or in front of your mirror at home, are equally important. And while many of us have invested in the best blow dryer, flat iron, or beach waver, smaller tools like sectioning clips often fall by the wayside. But the reality is that sectioning clips, while they may seem small, are one of the most important hair styling tools you can have in your arsenal. Here’s how to use sectioning hair clips, and why they will elevate your style at home!

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Using Croc or Alligator Clips

Let’s start with one of the most commonly recognized sectioning hair clips: the alligator or croc clip. You’ve likely seen your stylist use these in the salon when coloring, blow-drying, and cutting hair. Croc clips are ideal for sectioning off larger amounts of hair or a thicker, coarse hair type. The extended, curved bill on this style of clip is perfect for working with the round of the head and keeping the hair secure while styling.

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Using Plastic Duckbill Clips

Another style of hair sectioning clip is the duckbill clip. The duckbill clip comes in two main types: plastic or metal. And while they share a lot of the same key benefits, their differences are what make each of them important. Plastic duckbill clips are perfect for styling dry hair when you want to avoid indents or clip marks, as well as styling fragile hair that can’t take the grip of stronger sectioning clips. If your hair is prone to indents when heat styling, try a plastic duckbill clip to hold hair out of the way.

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Using Metal Duckbill Clips

Metal duckbill clips are also wonderful for heat styling, but these little clips really shine when wet styling. Most metal duckbill clips are rust-resistant, which makes them perfect for creating finger waves and other wet-to-dry styles. Their precise nature also makes them a stylist favorite when working on short haircuts that need a smoother, less bulky clip for defining small sections of hair. Do keep in mind though, metal duckbill clips are not to be used with hair color application unless otherwise specified. Metal hair clips can sometimes rust on the hair when color or bleach is involved.

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Using Butterfly Clips

Butterfly-style clips are the best sectioning clip for anyone with uber-thick hair type. These super strong clamps will hold any small or large amount of hair back, wet or dry. Their only downside? Because they don’t have a bill, part lines and section lines may need to be created with a comb before clipping back depending on how you are styling your mane.

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Using Prong Clips

Pin curl clips, or “prong clips,” are commonly used during loc services, pin curl services, roller sets, and twist-out services. These little double-prong babies are perfect for securing and detailing more intricate styles due to the strength of the clip and the small, precise size. This sectioning clip is small but oh-so-mighty.

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Using Sectioning Clips for Blow-Drying

Sectioning clips can take blow-drying at home from a chore to a moment of creative expression. Using sectioning clips and properly parting the hair before a blow-dry is the key to creating a voluminous round brush or smooth and straight, slightly beveled look. Try incorporating alligator or croc clips when blow-drying at home to make the process more smooth and more seamless.

Using Sectioning Clips With Hot Tools

Like with blow-drying, using hair sectioning clips while styling with hot tools is key to creating a smoother, cleaner finish. Sectioning clips will allow you to evenly part and define the areas you want to be curled, straightened, or waved. With the variety of options from the alligator clip to the prong clip, it's easier to control the hair whether it's a small section or a large amount of hair.

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