Headbands Are Back—Here’s How to Style Them in 2023

Written by Ashley Mishler

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Headbands are a hair accessory that have fallen in and out of favor for a long time. Worn the right way, they can completely elevate and put the finishing touches on your look. But sometimes, headbands serve as a reminder of less fashionable grade school times or a sweaty day at the gym. But, in 2023, headbands are making a comeback in a big way. When it comes to how to style headbands and hair accessories, you can follow trends as they come and go or you can choose a classic headband style. From small and simple to large and ornate, here are 15 of our fave ways to rock a headband.

Headband Hairstyle Inspiration

Cozy Cute

One headband trend that has found its way back year after year is the cozy style. This super cozy, soft headband hairstyle looks great with long, wavy locks.

Two Trends in One

Take your headband hairstyle to the next level and incorporate another trending style alongside it. The addition of two baby braids at the fringe of the hairline makes this look extra impactful.

Go Ornate

Looking to dress up your strands? Add an ornate or bejeweled headband to your mane for a quick style upgrade for any occasion—from the airport to a night out. This is also the perfect accessory if you’re wondering how to wear a headband with short hair to enhance your short locks.

Try a Top Knot

The knotted headband style has always been a classic. A scarf-style headband looks super cute when combined with a top knot, especially on curly hair.

Sleek and Shiny

Another way to style a headband and dress up your strands? Go for the sleek long hair. This ‘60s-inspired look is extra sleek and shiny with its deep side part and glittery or embellished headband.

Updos and Headbands

Updos and headbands go together like bread and butter. A scarf-style headband, wrap, and even more flashy accessories can make any updo look complete.

Go Romantic

Try pairing soft, tousled curls with a patterned headband and glasses for a romantic, sweet aesthetic.

Party Pony

Pair your everyday party pony with an ornate headband for a bit of extra “oomph” in your upstyle.

A Color Story

Contrast and color are easy ways to play with hair accessories. Those with dark hair color should pair a light and bright headband with a similarly toned monochrome outfit.

A Twist on the French

The French“It-girl is always in—and she wears a headband. Try this look when you want something sultry yet off your shoulders.

Party Pony Round 2

The party pony returns! As you can see, it truly is the perfect style to combine with any headband.

Zig-Zag Headbands

Zig-zag headbands have been resurging in popularity lately thanks to their ability to create a totally unique look and keep hair out of your face. Up or down, short hair or long, the zig-zag headband is the holy grail of headband accessories.

Classic Updo

Take your vintage-inspired upstyle back in time by adding a printed headband or scarf around the crown of your head.

Center Part and Play

Center parts stand out when worn with a headband. If you’re a fan of defined lines, then you’ll love this one.

You Can Do It Too

A perfectly messy upstyle always feels extra “Rosie the Riveter” when worn with a scarf-style headband—and we’re here for it.

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