A Complete How to on Growing Your Eyelashes

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As eyelash extensions are on the rise and more and more people reach for falsies daily, it’s obvious that long, strong, and thick eyelashes are one of the most desired beauty traits (next to perfect brows, of course). But for those who prefer to grow their own, eyelash serums and growth formulas have come into play. If your goal is to grow and strengthen your eyelashes, read on for some tips, tricks, and the best eyelash growth serums and products on the market!

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Ways to Grow Eyelashes

The internet is full of helpful content, beauty routines, advice, and recommendations. But sometimes, less than helpful, even dangerous advice can sneak its way through. In a world where everyone thinks they’re an expert, it’s important to research before you start applying random liquids to your eyes. There are several easy, safe ways to take better care and strengthen your eyelashes right in the comfort of your own home.

Modify Your Routine

Caring for the lashes you already have is number one. Be kind to your lash line! Reach for gentle eye makeup removers rather than scrubbing your eyes with a face scrub. You should also avoid wearing falsies every day and avoid waterproof mascara. The constant wear of eyelash glue on your lash line can (and will) slowly pull out your lashes each time you remove them. As for waterproof mascara, its super concentrated formula requires a lot to remove, which can break and tear your lashes in the process. That’s not to say you can’t don big faux minks for a special event, or go waterproof when you need to, but do try to avoid the daily use of these harsher products.

Try a Lash Growth Serum

Eyelash growth serums that have shown significant results contain an active ingredient called bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is the only medication approved for eyelash growth and its clinical studies saw users grow longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes.

However, since bimatoprost is considered a medication, you will need a prescription to get it. Make an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss the lash growth serum options out there, apply twice a day with a clean applicator, and grow from there.

Examine Your Diet

Like the hair on your head, the lashes on your eyes are directly affected by the food you eat. A diet rich in iron, proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables will help encourage growth and strength in all areas. Omega-3 fatty acids are also an incredibly important nutrient for promoting eyelash growth—think fish, leafy greens, nuts, and avocado.

Supplement With Supplements

Everyone knows about biotin. Biotin supplements have been proven to encourage hair growth, as well as fight hair loss, due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Biotin is readily available in many forms over the counter, from capsule to gummy, making it an easy step to incorporate into your routine to promote growth and protect your eyelashes.

Reach for Natural Oils

For those who aren’t fond of putting chemical-based serums or medications on their eyelashes, there are plenty of natural options out there. Vitamin E oil (which can be taken orally via supplement or applied topically) is a great choice as it boasts many benefits for hair and skin. Coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and castor oil are also options that much of the public has sworn by for years. While there is no scientific proof that these natural options increase eyelash growth, the act of moisturizing the lashes does directly affect their strength and condition. However, like with anything you put near your eyes, be careful. Avoid getting these oils directly in your eyes and always start slowly to avoid irritation. Additionally, those who are pregnant should avoid the use of castor oil.

Best Eyelash Growth Serums

If you’ve decided an eyelash serum is right for you, but are looking for options that don’t require a dermatologist (see Latisse, one of the most popular lash serums out there), here are some of the best over-the-counter favorites.

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash & Brow Serum

Using four peptide complexes and a series of natural extracts, The Ordinary’s eyelash growth serum boasts results in as little as four weeks. To apply, simply clean and dry your eyes, then apply along the lash line twice a day.

Eyelash Growth Serum by The Ordinary
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GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum

Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids come together in this award-winning eyelash growth serum from Grande Cosmetics. According to their consumer studies, you can expect longer, thicker-looking lashes in four to six weeks, with significant improvement in three months. It’s also ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contacts and lash extensions.

GrandeLASH-MD Eyelash Enchancing Growth Serum
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Vegamour GRO Lash and Brow Kit

Vegamour has been making waves with their hair growth scalp serum, so why not try something for the eyes? The GRO Lash and Brow Kit is designed to be used twice daily for 30 days for significant results. Vegamour’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and effective formulas have made them a fan favorite.

Vegamour Eyelash Growth Serum Set
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RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

RapidLash’s Eyelash Enhancing Serum has gained popularity due to its unique and effective ingredients. Their patented Hexatein 1 complex is designed to condition, moisturize, and fortify lashes alongside polypeptides, amino acids, biotin, panthenol, soybean oil, and pumpkin seed extract. All of these ingredients come together to create an eyelash growth serum that has boasted positive effects in over 80% of their consumer studies.

RapidLash Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serum
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Babe Lash Essential Lash Serum

Babe Lash has made their name in lashes, literally. Their Essential Eyelash Serum has been called the “#1 professionally recommended serum” for those looking to boost their lash line. Unlike most lash serums, this version only needs to be applied once in the evening, then two to three times per week once desired results are achieved. But like many lash serums, its formula is full of nourishing amino acids and biotin.

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Clinique High Impact Lash Amplifying Serum

“Amplify your lash look, without going to extremes.” That’s Clinique’s motto for their High Impact Lash Amplifying Serum. For thicker, darker, longer bare lashes, simply apply once every night for 12 weeks and watch the results roll in.

Eyelash growth serum from Clinique
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r.e.m.beauty Lash & Brow Boosting Serum

Ariana Grande, the creator of r.e.m.beauty, loves their eyelash-boosting serum. Grande says, “it helps my natural lashes stay full and fluffy so I don’t have to get extensions or falsies all the time!” And isn’t that the goal? The peptide and biotin-infused serum should be used morning and night, daily, for results in as little as four weeks.

Eyelash boosting serum from r.e.m.beauty
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