Salon Blowout Who? Curl Your Hair From Home With a Blow Dryer, Thanks to These Easy Tips

Written by Dahvi Shira

Whether you’ve got a fancy Dyson Airwrap or you’re still plugging in the ol’ Conair, blow-drying your hair is a process and a technique. From styling products to the brush you use, down to the actual hair dryer itself, it’s truly almost like an art. And how to curl hair with a blow dryer? Even more daunting! There’s a reason why Drybar is so popular. No matter what we seem to do at home, it never matches that professional chef's kiss blowout.

But you know what? We’re sick of leaving our svelte looks in the hands of the stylists. We’re ready to take the reins and create enviable blowouts the right way! If you’re wondering how to curl hair with a blow dryer, look no further than a step-by-step guide below, provided by Biolage Ambassador and celeb hairstylist, Sunnie Brook.

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About the Expert:

Sunnie Brook is a Biolage Ambassador and celebrity hairstylist.

How to Curl Your Hair With a Blow Dryer

Towel Dry Your Hair

Gently towel blot your hair after the shower to remove any excess water. A microfiber towel is great for drying damp hair because they are gentle and help reduce unwanted frizz.

Apply the Right Products

Apply a heat protectant on mid-lengths to ends that will also give you shine and control frizzy hair like Biolage’s Strength Recovery Strength Repair Spray. To make sure your hair is evenly saturated, separate it into sections and apply—doing this can help prevent hair damage.

Get Hair Almost Dry

Blow dry on medium or hot until the hair is about 80% dry, then use your blow dryer’s cool shot to add shine and seal the ends.

Apply a Volumizing Mousse

If you want to use a ceramic round brush or curling iron for a wavy or curly look, layer a medium-hold product like Biolage’s Whipped Volume Mousse from your roots to ends before you blow-dry for added body and bounce. Tip: Comb through each section so that the product is evenly distributed, giving you all day hold.

Grab a Brush

To create bouncy curls, choose a small round brush with a ceramic barrel. If you want to create volume, here are our top tips on how to blow dry hair for volume.

Cool Shot to Lock

Apply the hot air to the section of hair (hot air expands hair) and then alternate temperatures by using another cool shot to lock in your look (cold air contracts the hair around the shape).

Set It and Go

Clip each section as you blow dry to create a longer-lasting curl.

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