Here's How Often You Should Use a Hair Mask, Based on Your Hair Type

Written by Ashley Locke

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Hair masks are the holy grail of haircare products, as far as we’re concerned. What shampoo and conditioner can’t repair, a hair mask is always there to come in handy. These targeted products are designed to turn your strands into a walking hair commercial in as little as 10 minutes.

But as much as we wish we could use hair masks every day, that’s not how often they’re supposed to be used. So how often should you use one? Well, that depends on your hair type. Keep scrolling to discover how often you should use a hair mask, based on your hair type!

Blonde girl using a hair mask on her hair after showering
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Healthy Hair: Once a Week or Every Other Week

Those who are blessed with healthy hair don’t need to use a hair mask all that often. Once a week is preferred, though you can switch to every other week if desired. Essentially, a hair mask works to add in all the moisture and shine your strands are missing out on. When they’re healthy, they don’t need that extra blast of hydration as much—especially because using a hair mask too often can actually damage your strands.

Fine Hair: Once a Week

Fine, thin hair can benefit from using a mask once a week. Using it too often can weigh down your strands. And when your hair is already fine, to begin with, that’s the last thing you need. You want body and volume, not additional weight. It’s important you use a mask that’s designed with fine hair in mind as well.

Thick Hair: Once or Twice a Week

Because you have a lot more hair, once or twice a week is the sweet spot for you. If you’re using more targeted masks, you can up the usage to twice a week. Though if you’re just using a mask for some added moisture, once a week is completely fine.

Curly Hair: Once a Week

Once a week is the general rule of thumb for those with curly hair. Anything more than once a week and you run the risk of damaging your strands. And that’s something no hair mask can fix. You’ll also want to use a mask that is designed with your curls in mind. Not all masks are made the same, so reach for one that works specifically for coils.

Greasy Hair: Once a Week

Greasy hair isn’t the easiest thing to deal with. Often, haircare products only contribute to the problem. So when you use a hair mask, make sure it’s no more than once a week. Additionally, it’s imperative you don’t use any ol’ hair mask. Slather your strands with one that’ll treat your greasy hair, rather than make it oilier.

Dry Hair: Twice a Week

Dry strands need an extra dose of moisture, which is where a hair mask comes in to save the day. While other hair types shouldn’t use one as often, those with dry hair can use a mask twice a week. That is until your hair is repaired. Once the mask has done its job, you’ll want to use it once a week.

Damaged Hair: Two to Three Times a Week

The more damaged your hair (whether it’s caused by coloring or styling it), the more you’ll benefit from adding a hair mask to your routine fairly regularly. We recommend using it two to three times per week until you secure the luscious status of your locks. When they’re back to their pre-damaged days, you can use a mask less often.

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