Sleeping in These Hairstyles Will Ensure You Wake Up With Stunning Strands

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We all know how crucial finding the right hairstyle for the day ahead is. But, how many of us know the best hairstyle to sleep in for our strands? Probably not many of us. Hey, that’s okay, because we’re here to help. There’s a long list of comfortable hairstyles to sleep in that will give you stunning strands in the morning. Based on your hair type, we know exactly which overnight hairstyle is right for you. Scroll below to find out!

Black person with curly hair sleeping in bed
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For Straight Hair: Low Ponytail

Keep it simple with straight hair and opt for a low ponytail as your go-to overnight hairstyle. No matter the length of your straight hair, sleeping in this hairstyle will help prevent unwanted tangles. We suggest using a silk scrunchie and also resting your head on a silk pillowcase. This will aid in minimizing frizz to ensure you wake up to smooth, straight strands.

For Wavy Hair: French Braids

To maintain your waves, sleep in French braids. You can honestly choose any braid style if you’re unable to recreate French braids yourself. No matter which braid hairstyle you choose to sleep in, it will keep your strands healthy while you rest. We strongly encourage you to use silk or satin scrunchies to secure the hairstyle to minimize breakage and protect your locks.

For Curly Hair: Pineapple Style

The pineapple-style updo is a great way to enhance your curls and coils overnight. We’re sure many of you in the curly hair community already sleep in this style. For those that don’t, we’ll quickly go over what the style is and how to create it. The pineapple style pulls all your curls to the top of your head to keep them protected and tangle-free while you sleep. All you have to do is pull them up in a somewhat high ponytail, then loosely secure them with a silk hair tie. Yes, it’s that simple.

For Short Hair: Silk Scarf

Those with shorter strands will benefit from sleeping with a silk scarf or bonnet wrapped around their tresses. This will minimize friction so you don’t wake up with frizz and cowlicks galore. Applying some hair oil or a leave-in conditioner before you wrap your hair in the silk scarf will repair your strands overnight.

For Long Hair: Loose Top Knot

One of the best hairstyles to sleep in with long hair is a loose top knot. Sure, you can stick to a low ponytail or even brands, but the top knot will protect your strands overnight and give you some volume when you wake up. No need to curl your hair when you sleep in this style.

For Wet Hair: Braids and Buns

We want to first stress that sleeping on sopping wet strands is a huge no-no. You can go to bed with damp strands, but not soaking strands. Now that that’s out of the way, the best hairstyles to sleep in with wet hair are braids and buns. You can put your tresses into the style you prefer, then blow dry your locks until they’re at least damp.

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