Greasy Hair? Check Out These Hairstyles to Get the Most Out of Your Wash

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It’s the middle of winter and most of us are still enjoying the simplicities of working from home (midday showers, an endless supply of snacks), and if there’s one thing I challenge myself to do on a weekly basis—it’s to push my hair wash as long as I can. It’s quite easy this time of year thanks to hat season and sometimes I think the cold blasts the grease right out of my strands. Because I’m required to show my face on Zoom, I’ve gotten pretty good at greasy hair hairstyles and knowing exactly where to aim my dry shampoo. Give your hair a much-needed break from daily washing and get to know these hairstyles for greasy hair instead. Dirty hair, don’t care!

Best Hairstyles for Greasy Hair

Messy Bun

The messy bun or a top knot is arguably the OG hairstyle for unwashed hair. It’s easy and you simply don’t need any hair styling talent. Personally, I like to use spiral hair ties or silk scrunchies to give it a little volume and something for the hair to prop on top of.

Slicked-Back Model Bun

If last year had a hairstyle, it was the slicked-back model-off-duty bun. It’s ideal for oily hair because you want your hair to be slicked with zero flyaways. You wouldn’t want to add wax or gel to freshly clean hair so opt for this style on your last day before a wash—like third-day hair. Try this Hair Wax Stick from Bed Head to really nail the look.

Dutch Braids

Most often, your hair only gets greasy roots but the rest of your hair is good to go and actually more ideal for braid styling as it doesn’t have much slip to it from being freshly washed. Try out a new braid like Dutch braids—it adds volume to your hair and gives a 3D look. Secure with fun elastics and you’re good to go. You might just need some dry shampoo for the crown of your head.

High Ponytail

High, textured ponytails are foolproof for greasy hair. If you want to take it a step further, wrap a strand of hair around your elastic and secure it with a bobby pin for a more elevated style.

Claw Clip Bun

I have a claw clip strapped to my bag at every moment. Sure, I can put my hair in a low bun with a hair tie but it’s so much more elevated when a clip is involved. At the moment, I’m loving the Daily Clip from Kov Essentials.

Braided Ponytail

This is a popular TikTok hairstyle. We even love this multiple-braided ponytail hairstyle from influencer Lauren Ladnier. You can wear this to the office, a coffee date with friends, or the gym. It’s versatile and can be dressed up or down and accessorized. This is a great style for fine hair I’ve found.

Two French Braids

Wearing my hair in French braids is my go-to airport and skiing style. I usually like to keep them in for a few days if I can prevent the flyaways and frizz from getting too out of hand. They also look super cute with a beanie or stretchy headband on.

Half-Up Messy Bun

Everyone’s go-to weekend brunch hairstyle. Seriously, everyone goes for this look on Sunday mornings! It’s effortless and Pinterest-worthy cute. I like to use my Deborah Pagani hair pin in this style to secure the top section.

Puffy Headbands

Wide or puffy headbands add a certain amount of volume to your hair due to their size. With this, they do a good job of concealing oily roots and letting your strands shine whether they be polished behind your ears or tousled and flowing on your shoulders.

Scrunchie Space Buns

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t just a summer hairstyle. It’s amazing for second-day greasy hair and looks surprisedly cute with your WFH loungewear on Zoom calls. Starting your hair in pigtails is the easiest way to ensure you end up with even buns.

Low Ponytail

A low pony look is super chic and definitely making a comeback, especially if it can be paired with a simple hair accessory like a small bow or embellished barrettes. You can choose to part your hair or not for this sleek ponytail look.

Bubble Braid

Bubble braids are still all the rage and they work best on slightly dirty hair that has some grip. Put the tiny elastics that you’ve been hanging onto to good use and start off with a high pony. Creating your bubbles is easy—make sure to use texture or hairspray to fluff them up a bit.

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