Could Your Haircut Be the Reason for Your Breakouts?

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Here’s a riddle: what’s stubborn, ugly, and always pops up when you least need it to? The answer, dear reader, is haircut acne, and it’s no joke. Breakouts can be caused by all sorts of reasons and we always look for the typical culprits: hormonal changes, improper hygiene, using incorrect products. Nevertheless, the real reason you are breaking out could be hiding in your salon chair. Read on to figure out if the real culprit behind those nasty breakouts is your new haircut.

Hairdresser trimming the ends on the hair of a client with professional scissors and a comb, close up view of her hands
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What Is Haircut Acne?

All haircut acne has a few things in common. Haircut acne starts popping up immediately after a new haircut. Said haircut is short or has short layers that graze your face. The natural oils and products in your hair can be deposited directly into acne-prone skin when your hair touches your face and neck. The result is a new crop of acne that is being exacerbated by where your hair hits your face.

How to Prevent Haircut Acne?

If you are suffering from haircut acne, it’s too late for us to suggest the best cure of all: avoid a new hairdo that will graze your skin in acne-prone areas. If you already took the leap and have cut your hair in that manner, don’t despair. There are a few steps you can take to avoid making the situation worse and ultimately stopping it altogether. Firstly, try cutting down on hair products like oils and powders. Even if you feel that adding a dry shampoo to your scalp shouldn’t affect your chin acne, you are mistaken. The product can travel down the hair shaft during the day and end up clogging your pores. You may also consider pinning your hair back or using an accessory that will keep it from having direct contact with your skin until it grows longer. If the problem persists after these measures, a visit to your dermatologist will be in order. They will likely prescribe a topical treatment and/or oral medicine to help nip it in the bud.

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