The Most Flattering Hair Colors for a Neutral Skin Tone

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Just because you can dye your hair any color, doesn’t mean the hue will work for you. Someone with a fair complexion may be swallowed by jet black, whereas someone with an olive complexion may need to add a hint of blue to make their skin tone pop. What really is the most important thing to consider in tandem with your skin tone is your skin undertone. Knowing if you’re a cool, neutral, or warm undertone will make it easier to find a shade that works for you.

For those with a neutral skin tone (or those who think they have a neutral skin tone), we know which hair colors are best for you. Read on to discover once and for all if you have a neutral undertone and which hair hues fair best for your complexion!

What Is a Neutral Skin Tone?

A neutral skin tone (or, neutral undertone) tends to be a mix of cool and warm colors. You may lean one way or the other some days, but you always remain somewhere in the middle of the sliding scale. With this undertone, you’re blessed with the ability to rock any color you like. Cool undertones tend to look better in silver and warm undertones tend to look better in gold, but you look radiant in both.

One way to know for sure if you have a neutral skin tone is with the wrist test. Simply flip your arm over and study your veins. If they’re a blue-green color, you have a neutral undertone. Another test requires a bit more color. Apart from silver and gold, try on some clothes in neutral colors to see how you look. If they highlight your complexion, you’re neutral.

Best Hair Colors for Neutral Skin Tones

We already mentioned this above, but you look good in an array of hues. So, the best hair color for a neutral skin tone is really any and all of them. Because you have a blend of cool and warm tones in your skin, you don’t have to worry about a shade really drowning you out. Still, there are some hues that look a little more striking than others when paired with your natural complexion. See our favorites below!

Strawberry Blonde

This shade is a really great blend of warm and cool tones, so it will work well with your undertones. Depending on your actual skin tone, you can go a little bit darker or lighter to completely complement your complexion.


To really elevate your warmth, go with an auburn red. This rich hue can add some vibrancy to your complexion, no matter your skin tone. Plus, auburn looks great on everyone and red is all the rage these days.


If you want to go a bit darker, try espresso. The coffee-inspired shade allows your neutral undertones to glow. Think of the hair color as an IRL filter that will leave you with flawless skin. Yes, hair color can do that. It just has to be the right hair color.


A seamless blend of blonde and brunette hues will suit those with neutral undertones well. Bronde offers the opportunity to keep things fairly neutral in your hair color, though you can always lean more blonde or brown. It’s all up to you!

Beige Blonde

Beige blonde is the perfect hair color for neutral skin tones. Why? Because beige is the ultimate neutral shade. Sitting in between warm and cool blonde, it will really place nicely with your natural undertones and bring out your complexion.


A bit of a warmer shade, cinnamon is a rich brown with red and orange undertones. Again, if you lean a bit warmer with your undertones, this is a perfect shade for you. Though even if you’re closer to cool undertones, you can still rock the hue.

Honey Brunette

Add a pop of cold to your natural brunette strands with some honey highlights. They work incredibly well with your undertones to highlight that gorgeous complexion of yours.


You can wear any color, so why not sport them all at once? We know this is a bold route so it’s not for everyone. But if anyone can pull it off, it’s you and your neutral undertones.

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