The Optimal Flat Iron Temperature for Your Hair Type

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If you’ve ever wondered which flat iron temperature is right for your hair type, you’re not alone. There’s a good chance you’ve been using a temp that’s a little bit too high for your hair type. And a chance you’ve been using one that’s too low. Determining the perfect temp is trickier than it seems, which is why we put together a flat iron temperature guide for every hair type. Scroll below to discover the perfect flat iron temp for you once and for all!

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The Best Flat Iron Temperature for Fine Hair: 250°F – 300°F

Those with thin hair need to be careful when it comes to their flat iron temperature. Anything too high can cause unnecessary damage to your fine strands. Most experts agree that the best temperature range for you is between 250°F and 300°F. If your fine hair is a bit more damaged, go with a lower temperature closer to 250°F. And if your fine hair is fairly healthy, 300°F should be the perfect flat iron temperature for you.

The Best Flat Iron Temperature for Straight Hair: 300°F

For straight hair types, those who have either 1A, 1B, or 1C hair, a flat iron temp around 300°F should work best for your hair type. You can go a little bit higher or lower, depending on your level of damage, though you’ll want to stay around this temperature. It will ensure you don’t have to pass through your hair as many times when straightening it. Because, ultimately, running your flat iron through your strands too much will only cause more damage.

The Best Flat Iron Temperature for Normal Hair: 300°F – 350°F

Would you consider your hair type to be normal, meaning it’s not too thick and not too thin? You can turn your flat iron temperature to somewhere between 300°F and 350°F. The healthier your hair is, the higher the heat can be as well. It also depends on your hair thickness. So if your hair is healthy though somewhat thin, stick to the 300°F temperature. You do have a bit of a range so feel free to experiment with what works best for you. Just don’t forget the heat protectant spray.

The Best Flat Iron Temperature for Wavy Hair: 350°F – 375°F

The flat iron temperature you decide on for your wavy hair will come down to how thick your hair is. Closer to 350°F is best for this with finer waves. Those with thicker waves can crank the heat up to 375°F. You should also take your hair’s health into consideration. So even if you have thicker waves, maybe turn the temperature down a bit so as not to cause more damage to your strands.

The Best Flat Iron Temperature for Curly Hair: 325°F – 410°F

You’ll need a bit more heat to straighten your curly hair. Again, take the texture of your hair into consideration when finding a temperature in this range. Turn the temp dial down a bit if your curls are fine, and turn it up a bit if your coils are thicker. You do want to have a fairly high heat so you don’t have to pass over your curls as many times, though you also don’t want to cause damage. Determining that balance is tricky, though utilizing this range as a guide will help you get there.

The Best Flat Iron Temperature for Natural Hair: 350°F – 400°F

Many with natural hair may believe that the highest flat iron temperature possible is best for their hair type. But that isn’t always the case. Somewhere between 350°F and 400°F is recommended by most stylists, as it’s not too hot though a high enough temperature range to get the job done. If your hair is finer or chemically treated, pick a temperature closer to 350°F. Those with damage-free tresses can go up to 400°F and maybe even a bit higher if needed.

The Best Flat Iron Temperature for Thick Hair: 400°F

Thick hair can stick to a temperature around 400°F. This tends to be the optimal temp recommended by professionals, but you can always go higher on lower. Again, this all comes down to what you do to your hair and how healthy it is. Not to mention, if you have incredibly thick hair, you’ll want to go a bit higher. You may even need to crank it up to 450°F if your flat iron can reach that temperature.

The Best Flat Iron Temperature for Synthetic Hair: 200°F

Synthetic hair usually requires lower heat. Though some clip-ins, wigs, and weaves can withstand higher temps, it doesn’t mean you should turn your flat iron that high. Somewhere around 200°F is about right for your synthetic strands. Anything higher could damage them. We suggest starting with a lower temperature initially, then working your way up to 200°F. If that temp doesn’t work, try a little bit higher, but do so in small increments.

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