Proof You Can Pair Curly Hair With Curtain Bangs

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Curtain bangs are all the rage these days. This trendy cut took off a few years ago and has shown no signs of slowing down. Everyone is sporting the bangs—well, almost everyone. They’re most often showcased on those with straighter strands, leaving people with curly hair feeling left out. But we’re here to remind you that you can pair your curly hair with curtain bangs. We’ve rounded up all the inspiration you need below. No matter how coily your ringlets are, there’s a curtain bang style that will work for your curly hair!

True Curly Curtain Bangs

In our humble opinion, this is what we picture when we think of curly hair with curtain bangs. They’re a bit longer in length and perfectly frame the top of the face.

Blown-Out Curtain Bangs

If you really want to transport your hairstyle back to the ’70s, blow out your curly curtain bangs to give them some extra oomph. They’re also easier to style this way.

Eyebrow-Length Curtain Bangs

Keep your curtain bangs short by using your eyebrows as a guide on where to cut them. And be sure to boost your volume with a bit of mousse to give them that authentic curtain bang feel.

Barely-There Curtain Bangs

Still hesitant about trying curtain bangs? Opt for the subtle approach. These bangs almost function more as face-framing layers, which are universally flattering.

Coily Fringe

The key to curly curtain bangs is making them work for your ringlets. No matter how tight your curls are, you can find a curtain bang style that best suits them.

Soft Waves

Keep it wavy, baby, by pairing your looser curls with these soft wavy curtain bangs.

Long Tendrils

These sweet tendrils are a more understated take on the curtain bang trend. Plus, they’re a bit easier to maintain for everyone out there who doesn’t have the energy to maintain actual curtain bangs.

Longer Curly Curtain Bangs

These trendy bangs are often thought to be a bit shorter, but we suggest pairing your curly hair with longer curtain bangs. This way, they’ll also seamlessly grow out with the rest of your tresses.

Shaken, Not Straightened

For those with wavy hair, go for the messy curtain bang look. A nice tousle gives them an extra bit of edge.

Curly Shag

Pair your curly shag haircut with these layered bangs. If you do go for this look, do know you will have to style them often.

Baby Curly Curtain Bangs

Turn two, three, or even four curly strands into bangs with this subtle ringlet look. Curtain bangs may be voluminous, but even a few perfectly-placed strands get the job done.

Angled Curtain Bangs

Show off your complexion with these angled curly curtain bangs that frame your face like no other.

Razored Curtain Bangs

Thin out your curls with a bit of razoring to have them rest gently on the top of your cheekbones.

We know we offered plenty of inspiration for your next haircut, but don’t go out and get the bangs just yet. Before you do, be sure to know THESE four things about curtain bangs!