These Butterfly Clip Hairstyles Have Us Ready to Go Back to 1999

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We’ve been seeing a ton of butterfly clip hairstyles all over Instagram lately. Celebrities to influencers and everyone in between have been seen with the clips in their hairstyle of choice. And we couldn’t be bigger fans of the trend’s comeback. It’s about time these iconic clips made their way back into mainstream pop culture. Oh, how we’ve missed them.

Now, we don’t have to. We see them every time we scroll through IG. Browse some of our favorite butterfly clip looks below to get all the inspiration you need. And yes, they will have you ready to go back to 1999!

Twisted Space Buns

When in doubt, make sure your clips match your ensemble for the day. It really elevates the look in a way unlike any other.

Rainbow Butterfly Clips

Show off your pride with a look like this one. We’re sure you’ll find the rainbow connection while sporting it, too.

All Over Butterfly Clips

Let your hair down and adorn them with some clips on every inch of your strands. It certainly will give you the attention you desire.

Bubble Braids With Butterfly Clips

If you’d prefer to keep your hair up and out of your face, but still adorn your strands with an array of clips, opt for a look like this one.

Messy Bun With Butterfly Clips

This is the perfect look to show off your clips on a hot summer’s day. Whether you’re parked in front of the AC or tanning out on the shore, this hairstyle will keep you cool.

Mirrored Butterfly Clips in Curls

Give your curls a little extra lift with this mirrored butterfly clips look. They’re sure to feel weightless once you attach them to your strands.

Single Strand of Butterfly Clips

Keep things simple by stacking a string of butterfly clips on one strand of hair. You can do it all in one color or keep them all different hues.

Brightly Colored Braids With Butterfly Clips

What better way to add some extra razzle dazzle to a standout hair hue than by sprinkling in some butterfly clips? They make any hairstyle better.

Lizzie McGuire-Inspired Butterfly Clips Hairstyle

Who didn’t want to be Lizzie McGuire growing up? With the help of a few butterfly clips, now we all can be her.

Colorful Braided Tendrils With Butterfly Clips

Braided tendrils are another trend we can’t get enough of. To add a little something extra to them, why not attach a few butterfly clips?

Butterfly Clip Fauxhawk

Everyone can pull off these clips in their hair. Case in point, this beautiful rainbow fauxhawk look.

Two Butterfly Clips

It doesn’t get much more easy-to-achieve than this. When you really wish you were back in the ’90s, add a clip or two to whatever hairstyle you’re wearing and you’ll feel like a kid again.

Pulled Back Butterfly Clips

Use a row of butterfly clips to pull back your hair and create this half-updo style. It’s perfect for festival season or can even be worn once you head back to school.

Butterfly Clip Crown

The butterfly clip crown is a classic hairstyle that harkens back to the ’90s and ’00s. This style is sure to heal your inner child.

Butterfly Clip Bubble Braids

Why not elevate the trendy bubble braid hairstyle a bit with a few perfectly-placed butterfly clips?

Monochromatic Butterfly Clips

It can sometimes feel overwhelming to decide which butterfly clip to attach to your strands. With so many colors, you want to ensure you’re choosing the right color scheme—that’s why we recommend sticking to the monochromatic route.

If you thought these hairstyles were something, wait until you get a load of THESE butterfly ponytail looks!