The Best Ponytail for You, Based on Your Face Shape

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When it comes to knowing the best hairstyles for you, it all goes back to your face shape. What works for a round face may not necessarily be as flattering on a diamond-shaped face, and vice versa. To take the guessing game out of which ponytail style would work best for you, we found the perfect style for the various facial structures. Keep scrolling to discover the best ponytail for you, based on your face shape!

Round Face: Voluminous High Ponytail

With a round face, you can add length to it by positioning your hairdos as high as possible. To pull this look off, it’s important you add a little extra volume to your roots, not just the ponytail. A few loose strands can elongate your face even more, giving you some extra dimension.

Any sort of sleek ponytail look will emphasize the roundness in your face, so try to steer clear of those, if that isn’t something you want to highlight.

Square or Rectangular Face: Romantic Ponytail

Romance is the name of the game for those with a square or rectangular face shape. Using bits of hair, you can soften your face shape to seem a bit rounder and less profound.

For you, more so than most, the most important factor in your pony is focusing on face-framing features. The height and volume don’t matter quite as much, what is key is leaving out tresses to soften your face.

Heart-Shaped Face: Mid-Length Ponytail

A mid-length ponytail will give your face the definition it needs, as it opens up the face, rather than drawing attention to your forehead area.

To make your features appear even more balanced, the addition of side-swept bangs should do the trick. They’ll take the focus away from your forehead and place it on your cheeks, which is what they deserve.

Oval Face: Low Side Ponytail

If you have an oval face, consider yourself very lucky—you can pull off just about any ponytail you can think of. High, low, bouncy, or sleek, your face shape makes it easy to rock every type of pony known to a hairstylist.

A classic side ponytail can easily become your go-to pony, as it gives off a sweet and romantic vibe. Be sure to add some volume to your strands, however. You don’t want them to just sit there.

Diamond Face: Sexy and Sleek Ponytail

Similar to the oval face shape, a diamond-shaped face can pull off just about any ponytail under the sun. You name it, you can pull it off, so go ahead and experiment.

If you’re really looking for that one that’ll accentuate your facial features to the fullest, we recommend the sexy and sleek ponytail. It’ll highlight your striking shape, while making you feel like the ultimate seductress.

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