The Most Flattering Hair Part for Your Face Shape

Written by Ashley Locke

We’re all about ensuring you put your best mane forward when stepping out into the world. We want you to have a good hair day, even if you’re just sitting in traffic. So today, we wanted to talk about hair parts, specifically the best part for your face shape. Whether you have a round visage or a heart-shaped face, we know which part will flatter your features best. Find out which part that is by scrolling below!

Round Face: Deep Side Part or Middle Part

With a round face, the length and width of your visage are almost the same. Your face tends to be a bit smaller with rounder cheekbones and chins. A deep side part will really suit you best to add some symmetry around your face and take away from the prominence of your cheekbones a bit. You can also don a middle part, though make sure it’s in a sleeker style. The key to your face shape is to avoid too much volume, otherwise, you’ll get lost in the hair.

Square or Rectangle Face: Soft Side Part

Though square and rectangle face shapes are often compared to round faces, there is a difference. The former has more angular features, including noticeably sharp jawlines and cheekbones. To soften your features, opt for a soft side part. Paring it with some side bangs will also work wonders to flatter your strong face shape.

Heart-Shaped Face: Side Part

Heart-shaped faces are truly adorable, so it’s no wonder many people wish they had this face shape. In order to enhance your face shape, you’ll want to go with a deep side part as often as possible. The angle of a deep side part will make your forehead appear smaller and your chin look less pointy. If you don’t want to always opt for a dramatic deep part, you can go with any level of the side part.

Oval Face: Any Part

Anyone with an oval face shape is incredibly blessed. Because of the nearly-perfect dimensions of your visage, you can sport just about any hairstyle, haircut, and even hair part. Rock a middle part one day, then a deep side part the next. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find a part you feel the most confident in.

Diamond Face: Side Part

The diamond face shape is a little more uncommon, though many do have its features. With this face shape, the temples will be the widest part of the face shape and the chin comes to a somewhat narrow point. Complement your bone structure with a side part. Just make sure you don’t push too much hair over to cover your already small forehead.

Long Face: Middle Part

Long face shapes get confused for oval face shapes, but the two are not the same. While they’re both longer than other face shapes, a long face shape has a face that gradually tapers toward the chin. Many with this face shape have a prominent chin that deserves to be shown off. To keep your features appearing as symmetrical as ever, go with a middle part.

Learning the best part for your visage is just the tip of the iceberg. Discover how to flatter your face shape with the right cuts and styles HERE!