7 Unexpected Ways to Sleep in Braids for Killer Curls

Written by Priscila Martinez

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Waking up with beautiful hair is every gal’s dream. Make it a reality with these seven easy to master sleep-in braid styles. From your run-of-the-mill pigtails to the complex sock method, these sleep-in braids will have you waking up with killer curls in no time.

A young woman laying on her bed while sleeping in a braid - stock photo
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Easy Pigtail Method

The easy pigtail method is your introduction to sleep in braids. This is the easiest method to execute and can help get your feet wet when it comes to sleeping in braids. Start with dry hair and part it down the middle. Separate each section into three and curl from your roots to your tips. Secure the braids with a scrunchie to avoid marks. Remove your sleep-in braids the morning after and brush them out. Apply a bit of soft-hold hairspray and get ready for the compliments to roll in.

Boxer Braid Method

If you are looking for tighter curls with more complex curl patterns, boxer braids are for you. Sleeping in various braids (vs the traditional two braid method) will give you smaller, more even curls all over your mane. This is a preferred style for ladies who have a lot of hair. If you are on the thinner side, stick to two larger sleep-in braids.

Slightly Damp Method

You can either put your sleep-in braids in when your hair is fully dry or damp. Using dry hair will yield softer waves that will dissipate throughout the day. If you use damp hair, your braids will feel more marked and will also take longer to soften. If you have thin or stick-straight hair, opt for slightly damp strands so that the curls hold for longer.

Sock Method

This tried and true method takes a bit of practice but is very well worth it. Your hair can be damp or dry for this method. Grab a pair of your cleanest crew-length socks and part your hair down the middle. Start braiding your hair using the top of the sock as your third piece. The sock’s thickness will help create beach wave curls by adding volume. After you curl all the way down from your roots to your lengths, secure everything with a scrunchie to avoid marks. Repeat on the opposite side and wake up to the most perfect, bounciest waves around.

Robe Tassel Method

The roble tassel method is the leaner, meaner cousin of the sock method we described above. Hair guru Justine Marjan breaks the method down on her Instagram. Secure the robe tassel at your roots after you’ve parted your hair. Incorporate the tassel into your braid and sleep in the creation overnight. Upon waking up, remove the tassel and brush out curls.

Tightly Coiled Method

If you are looking for more kinky ’80s perm vibes, this method is for you. This is best executed on manes that are thin and not naturally curly. Similar to the pigtail method, you part your hair into two large sections down the middle. Instead of executing a typical three-piece braid, you start with a tight french braid at the top of the middle part, close to the roots. You continue making your way down until you reach your tips.

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